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ABS Light check

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Yeah, appears to be a bulb and ABS malfunction check. Either way, the light should come on. Also may want to check ABS related fuses, I've got 3 in the ignition fuse section of FRB.

From my Bendix manual:

ABS Indicator Lamp
This lamp is the primary indicator of ABS system
condition. Under normal conditions, the ABS lamp lights
steadily for a two-second bulb-check whenever the
switched ignition is ON. The ABS lamp turns OFF after
the bulb-check if there are no ABS malfunctions
present. If the indicator remains ON, after the
bulb-check, or lights during vehicle operation, it
indicates the ABS requires service.

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Thanks a bunch guys.

That is what I expected.

I did have a couple of the relays go bad on me as well in the Monoco 3 box up front. (One was related to the IGN, and none of the gauges would work) 

I just found another relay box at the rear of the coach (Monoco 4) and it contains relays and fuses for the ABS. I think I am going to check this out

thanks again





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