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Holy crap! For the better part of 2 hours I have been on line as well as calling on the phone trying to find 2 front tires, I originally was wanting TOYO tires then shifted to Hankooks, I finally found a company in West Sacramento that found 4 of the Hankook AH37 in the entire state of California. I was amazed how many places never even answered there phones! Many places have tier 3 tires which if I was needing for the rears I might consider however for the front its a different story, one place that specialised in Goodyear told me so many tire shops just can't get any stock so there not answering. The company (Radial tire center) is having two shipped to his location for me, The price is awesome $441.82 each and I won't even mind the one hr drive to get there. 

I got to say if your looking to buy tires soon you better start looking soon, too many boats sitting in the bays waiting to be off loaded I guess.

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This is why I ordered tires off eBay, shipped to my door and took them to local shop for install. Even Walmart was more than reasonable on their tire prices online. I just ordered wheel for wife’s truck, 90-100 days out. 

And you are correct. Just read a big article on the whole longshoreman, truck driver shortage and lack of rentable space for containers contributing to the delays. Everyone is pointing the finger at someone else.  From the article, it was presented we are one of the few countries that doesn’t have 24 hr offloading, so it chokes the supply chain. 

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I was at a tire place recently to get a quote on Michelin tires and was told there were none and it was anywhere from 2-4 mos delivery.    I believe that since it was reported that LA Harbor which unloads 40% of all US goods two weeks ago had 60 ships waiting to unload and a week later it was up to 73 ships.  The article stated they did not have enough people to unload nor enough truckers.  It is not getting any better.  Morale of the story, if you need tires, plan on waiting for them.



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