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On 10/8/2021 at 9:24 AM, gregolson65@yahoo.com said:

My filter for my 2003 Monaco Windsor is a complete housing and filter element all in one. Mine did not have a filter element to fit inside the housing. Just like this one. 

Amazon.com: WIX Filters - 46891 Heavy Duty Air Filter, Pack of 1 : Automotive 

Watch out for Amazon, company called Killer Filter Inc out of Greenville UT. They sold me an air filter (Donaldson P537448)  that had been dropped, not while in the box because the box was undamaged, I made the mistake of not inspecting the filter right away, after the return period lapsed then I looked at and found the damage. Its a killer filter alright, it'll kill your engine.   On top of that I paid $177 for the thing on Amazon from Killer Filter and I bought the same filter from the truck parts shop for $122

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55 minutes ago, Chuck B 2004 Windsor said:

Yes on all three.  No one can determine your driving habits, and where you go.  I have found that the reminder is about as good as a raincoat in a bath tub.

Oh Great, the filter minder is worthless then...

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6 hours ago, jegall said:

I have vacuum gauge on the engine intake it lets me know when the filter is dirty.


Jegall - Do you have a vacuum gauge on your dash that reads vacuum on the intake - or - are you referring to a filter minder/gauge such as BigNick references? Thanks

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