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04 Windsor bed slide adjustment

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Hello all...the bedroom slide on our 2004 Windsor 40PKD does not fully close at the bottom.  When you retract the room in it fully closes but when you let off the switch the bottom of the slide moves back out about 3/4-1".

The slide is closed tightly at the top and the gap along the bottom is even.  When closed, the body lines are perfect.  It's like whatever "brake" should hold the slide in tight isn't applying.  It stays in that gapped position during travel i.e. no further creeping out.  Also the bed deck does not appear to drag anywhere when slide is in operation.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this?  It appears to be an all electric slide with a rack, not hydraulic.


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I was having trouble with my bedroom slide, the inside front was dragging the floor.  Got some advice to check the screws that hold the bed box to the slide, sure enough, the 5 small screws on both sides were all loose.  Removed and installed larger lag type screws plus a couple extra on both sides.  I had to to remove the upper floor inside the box under the bed to get to the location. 

This might be  your problem. 

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I agree. Let me dig up some pics 

Here ya go, a peek into the inner workings of the bed track slide with 2 rollers. I had ti use washers as one of my rollers was bent. Got it to level off and suck in tighter. It was also missing screws all together. 







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59 minutes ago, Oregon04Windsor said:

Thanks for the input...mine isn't dragging on the floor though.  When the room operates it's just fine, when you pull it in it sucks all the way in but as soon as you let off the switch the bottom kicks out about an inch while top stays tight.

Yeah, I guess I’m trying to show that the height of the roller might be what’s keeping it from snugging up. 

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I had the same issue with my 2004 Windsor.  Raise the bed.  Locate the screws that hold the wooden cover on the box.  Remove the screws to open the cover of the box.  You should find two angle aluminum pieces that hold the box to the slide.  More than likely they are not secured properly.  The floor covering is carpet, not wooded planks.  Make sure that there is not anything such as clothing that is under the bed box.  Reassemble.  Good luck, Chuck B 2004 Windsor

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