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Need installation instructions for installing new seals in Magnum Opus 3110

Woody O

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Does anyone have a copy of the instructions on removing and installing the seals and ball on the Sealand Magnum Opus 3110? On youtube, I see multiple how to's on multiple toilets, but not for the Opus. When ordering the parts, I inquired about does it come with instructions and was told yes. But it didn't come with instructions. At a loss. Didn't see any in the files.  Woody O.

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There are a couple different models.

On one model, the mechanism is attached to the porcelain and comes away from the floor in one piece. The mechanism is attached to the porcelain with J bolts which are torqued to 20-25 INCH lbs. I use a deep socket on a 3/8” drive extension and tighten it by hand (no ratchet). It is easy to break the porcelain if you torque them down too hard. I have found that it pays to make sure the mechanism is aligned with the porcelain and that the end of the motor drive lines up with the hole in the porcelain in the left side, if you have one.

When ours was out, I ordered a new flapper, shaft, and seal, but I put it back before they arrived. I took care to clean it, align it and torque it down evenly. I also applied plumbers grease to the seal. It holds water for weeks with the old seal,

The other model has the mechanism screwed to the floor, then the porcelain mounts over it. I have a mechanism, but have never seen the porcelain. I would expect that the alignment is very important for this model too.


manual is in the downloads section

This looks close and should prove helpful.







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I have a magnum opus toilet that operates OK but has developed a water hammer type noise when the ball closes. Anyone have an idea as to what may be causing the "clapping" noise?

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