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Front Duotherm


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Sure is fun getting out of storage. No power to front duotherm (4 button). Rear has power and works. When the manual says if no power check 1 amp fuse in distribution panel that would be the panel in the bedroom and the fuse (which is good) marked F AC, R and C AC  yes? Connects to a blue and white wire. 

Where does the data cable come from? I see a piece of data cable and a connector under the range in the midst of that wiring harness. Have a big wiring diagram book but have yet to find the data lines.

Greg t, 2000 Dynasty



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The RJ11 phone cord goes up into the ceiling and to the A/C.  If you open up the filter area just under the A/C there should be a phone cord junction.  Remove the connectors and clean them with terminal cleaner. (I like to use DeOxit cleaner.)  Check and clean the connectors under both A/C units.    

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We had a similar problem last year on our LaPalma’s rear a/c. As I understand it, the RJ45 (?) runs from the thermostat to the front a/c. There is a second RJ45 from the front to the rear unit and theses are used to control the a/c’s. 
The problem we had was that the power is controlled by the Intellitech board next to the breakers in the bedroom. You will have to remove the cover panel to access it. If you have 110v at the board and the breakers then the power should be at the a/c as the relay for the a/c is a normally open relay. The board does the power management and load shedding. Check this out and see if this narrows it to a solution.

Our solution was to buy a new  replacement board. You can look on the website for M&M as they seem to be the best support for the Intellitech boards. On investigation, we found that there is an upgraded spec and components, which is what I bought. So far it has worked 100%. Easy swap out for the replacement.

I am not sure if your coach has the same board but the above is my experience.


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