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Trying to find Firestone AirBag Part numbers for 2004 Monaco Dynasty

Mike Harden

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I need to replace airbags on my 2004 Monaco Dynasty (42' with 4 slides / ISL400). I've got a leak on the passenger side dual wheel axle airbag and think I may just go ahead & replace all of the airbags. So far, I haven't had any luck finding a part number. The markings on the airbag itself are not legible. Also wondering if all bags are the same part number or if the front & tag axle bags are any different.

As always, I would appreciate any help this outstanding group of RV owners can provide.


Mike Harden

'04 Monaco Dynasty Diamond IV

Towing 2018 F150 

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Hi Mike, Welcome to Monacoers this is the right place.   I can't help you with those part numbers, but if you will look at the white band near the top of this page you'll see downloads.  Lots of good stuff there including our parts list, maybe the part numbers are there.

Most of us download the parts list so we'll have it just in case the internet isn't available.  Good luck.

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Good luck replacing the air bags yourself, it is a bear. I replaced 5 of my 10 the last couple weeks. The 5 I did not replace are in the "too hard" category. I would rather pay someone than do it myself. Access to the nuts on top is many cases is extremely hard to do. I recommend getting new air line connectors, the ones that swivel.

I took the wheels off. If you go this route you will need a 1inch impact wrench, nothing else even comes close to moving the lug nuts on the wheels.

I have a 2001 Dynasty 40 Queen 10 air bag (w/tag). I found the part number at two separate places, to ensure I had the right one.

Here are two places to find the part number(s)

1. Monaco Parts File (download from this forum)

2. https://www.finditparts.com/  

I purchased the CONTITECH AS8897 at around $134/ea

This is the link to the ones that I purchased:


Use coupon: HEAVYDUTY150 and get $150 off the order.


Good Luck




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Experience here...good advice on the numbers above.

Check your airlines before you order...my Dynasty has 3/4 inch lines, lady friends coach, same chassis has the smaller ones.  NEVER ASSUME that any Monaco is the same.  Kid's coach and mine are about 100 serial numbers apart and you would not believe the mechanical differences we find when working on stuff.


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My 2001 Dynasty has 1/4 inch air lines, but you can order most any air bag designed for your coach because you can use a different 90 air line fitting with the air bags. My air bags have a 3/8?  fitting that you screw in the 90 air line fitting in to. See the attached pic.



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