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Netgear 815S SIM PIN reset

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I have a Netgear 815S that I bought a year or so ago to replace a Mobley.  It has worked great until the last few weeks.  It is losing the SIM code.  At first I was having to reset the code every day or so.  Now I'm having to reset it several times a day!  I have done the factory reset on the 815S and re-seated the SIM card.  I'm not sure if the problem will be the SIM card or the 815S.  Thinking it's most likely the 815S.  Wondered if any of you have had this problem.  Thanks!


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6 minutes ago, Dr4Film said:

Why did you give up on the Mobley?

I was having the same problem as most others with having to reset it at least once a day.  The 815S solved that problem, until now!  🙂

I just moved the SIM card from the Mobley to the 815S.

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There was no sound when I viewed it.  The comments on the You Tube page from the poster of the video stated:

"My Netgear Air Card 815S was showing SIM Not Detected with any SIM Card I tried. Decided to take it apart and check if I can find the problem. Turned out one connector was loose. Re-soldered and it's as good as new. Took a little video and some pictures of the assembling process. Hope it will help soomeone."


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