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Exterior slide floor showing delamination

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Hi , I’m working on a 2004 scepter and one of my slide floors is delaminating . The floor appears to still be structurally sound the wood is not soft but the fiberglass skin is separated on the front and rear edges . Just wondering what type of glue would be recommended for the repair. Thanks in advance any information would be appreciated. I am mechanically inclined but I don’t know much about carpentry 

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There are delamination repair kits, pretty much just a slow curing, thined epoxy that soaks into the damaged wood layer to make it stronger than new and bonds the outer layer to it. Need to clamp and support it the way it's gonna be, there's no fixing it later. There are also non-RV specific options that do the same for less. Push it into tight spots with a syringe or squeeze bottle and a tubing for spot repairs. That's what I would do if it's only a partial delam. Guardian plates over it and call it good. Here is what I used with success on a project.


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