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lost 12 volt to water pump

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The salesman switch is by the front door. Make sure you didn't accidently bump it. Assuming it's ON, then check the relay. For more info on the relay, refer to the link below or simply go to the Electrical issues page here....Dennis



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Mine did the same thing. I found one lead under the water pump corroded and broke off. Couldn't see by just looking at the front.  Pull each lead gently to see if they got a good connection and look for corrosion. I checked the voltage and it was getting to the pump.  I removed the pump and went to the hardware store an replaced the lead inside the water pump. It was really easy and only cost me about an hour and $0.72.  The pump is really easy to remove and take apart. Just take pictures or video it as you are taking it apart.  If you have a corroded lead, worst case, you have to buy a new pump which you would have probably done anyway.  Note, I'm assuming you checked all the breakers all of that is good and voltage is good to the pump.

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