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Faulty Factory Wiring of Spendide Washer/Dryer Outlet

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While doing my own electrical quality inspections of our newly purchased Dynasty, I discovered two major problems.

#1 - The outlet behind the Splendide Washer/Dryer had the Load & Neutral Reversed. Everything in the Main Power Panel looked perfect as I expected it would. The circuit goes to a junction box behind the Splendide. I opened up the junction box and everything looked correct. So, the problem had to be when the installation tech installed the RV outlet, they pushed the outlet onto the wire in the wrong direction. To remedy this problem, I decided to re-label the black & white wires going to the outlet by using black and white tape to correctly identify the wires going into the receptacle which is mounted directly above the junction box. I did not want to disturb the outlet itself.

Tested it and put everything back together, problem solved!

#2 - Durning the prepurchase inspection of the coach back in December, the "certified" inspector determined that someone had removed the two GFI Circuit Breakers in the Inverter Power Panel and installed regular circuit breakers. I requested that this HAD to be corrected before purchasing the coach.  I did not take the time to check this when we flew to Salt Lake City to pick up the coach. However, I did check it once the coach was back home in Florida and the test FAILED. As it turned out, the person who installed the two Square D GFI Circuit Breakers never truly tested the GFI's as they would have discovered that they installed the wrong type of GFI's. I have included two photos of the GFI's they installed versus the ones that they SHOULD have installed. Needless to say, I was furious and called the owner of the RV shop in SLC where the transaction took place. I explained to the owner, Clay, that we could have been severely injured or killed on our 10-day trip while driving the coach back home to Florida because of this screwup. He took full responsibility for the mistake and sent me a check for $170 to replace the wrong GFI's with the correct ones. I ended up purchasing two Dual Combo GFCI/CAFI's from Lowes and installed them.

Second problem solved!



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Richard, when I replaced my original inverter, the new came without the two 20A breaker buttons. I had to put a new two breaker box next to the inverter. The two circuits are the microwave and outlets. Since the first, bathroom, outlet had a GFI, I didn't need to add a GFI breaker. 

Gary 05 AMB DST

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