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Exterior LED Lights


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Hi folks,

this weekend I swapped all my exterior driving lights out to LED on the MoHo. This included the red and amber marker lights at the front/rear of the roof cap, as well as all the other marker lights, brake lights, turn lights etc. pretty much everything except the headlights and the mirror lights as I’ve yet to source the supplier for them.  Was imagining a fairly straight forward job, however it wasn’t quite so. 
A lot of the LED lamps got bigger too quickly at the end of the lamp base and required some very slight modifications to the lamp holder to allow it to fully seat and then turn to lock into place. 
Another issue I had was the rear turn and brake lights. I guess Monaco didn’t pay too much attention to polarity, as I had to swap leads on the turn signals (the lamp holder side walls were positive, with the small middle bottom contact being the negative)
Same went for the brakes.  The running light was fine, but when the brake was applied no light came on. Had to rewire those three wires as well.  
Anyhow, just thought I’d share that if someone runs into that while swapping over.  Not a hard fix, but wasn’t expecting to have to do it either.  
In the end, all systems are working fine and the rig looks respectfully brighter as the sun goes down.  

Forgot to mention, I replaced the middle third brake light bar and added the momentary strobe module as well. I’ve seen these in the past on various vehicles and honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about them.  

They really do grab your attention, so I’m gonna see how it goes. Looks pretty neat too. 

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Forgot to mention.
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So brad i love the blinky lights for the high mount stop light, do they do any good, who knows, i see them when there in front of me… i have put them on both my rigs, figure if i can see them so can mostly everyone else… cept the person sleeping behind the wheel. As for the wiring the lamp sockets, when i worked in the automotive dealership the ONLY guarantee was with a New car that HAD NEVER been delevered to a customer, it was then i KNEW for the most part it was as the Mfg. Had designed it. Once delevered to the customer I NEVER Assumed anything, ANYTHING… i learned toooo many techs and well intentioned people wire to work, and not always the right way. Im supper happy you swaped out your bulbs an got them all working. As for the bulbs fitting in the bases,,, well i purchased the bulbs for the inside of my rv and had to do the same, guess its a mfgr mess up. What I loved about the led’s on the outside is the minimal amp draw the circuit needs to deal with, where my difference was noted was the headlight switch, in that it never got “hot” to the touch abny longer with the lights on. Also i made sure i put a “squish” of dielectric in each socket so as to help with resistance.


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The factory put-in lights in our travel trailer were so dull they were almost pointless; we had to use flashlights. These 921 LED bulbs are amazing. They are super bright, and best of all, they do not get hot, as the bulbs that came in our trailer would get so hot they would heat the ceiling around them. Pictured is the difference between the new and old bulbs.

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On 9/14/2022 at 12:50 PM, Gwarsh said:



Regarding your replacement "exterior driving lights out to LED", where'd you get them and now that they've been operational for several months... would you purchase them again... ?

@Gwarsh, sorry for the late reply.  All of the bulbs were sourced from Amazon.  So far all of them are still working, so if I have to purchase again, I will.  They are much more brighter and crisper in the evening/night hours, which I really like.  
I just took the existing bulb out of each light and typed it into the Amazon search bar with “LED” at the end and basically got the one with the higher reviews.   Hope that helps.  

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