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Crack in front roof cap

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I recently noticed a crack in the roof above the driver's seat of my 2005 HR Scepter, and I am looking for some advice on how to repair it.  It doesn't seem to widen when pressed on, so I am guessing it doesn't go all the way through the fiberglass.  I could repair it in a variety of ways, since much of the area over the driver can't be seen from the ground.  I suppose I could just put a streak of roof sealant over it, regardless of the color.  I could use a paintbrush and some roof sealant and expand the size of the white part of the roof, sealing the crack in the process.  I could put a strip of the tape-like roof sealant over it.  Or I could take it to a body shop and spend a few grand having it refinished - not my favorite option.  Here are some photos of it.  The 3 close-ups are of the same crack, just showing it a little differently.  The white arrow just shows where the crack is.  You can't see it, but it looks like the crack happened at the edge of a rectangular plate or something, as there is a faint line not damaging the roof about 6 inches further curbside.

Thanks for your ideas.

Dave Jones

front cap with crack.jpg

1 .jpg



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As a quick fix I would clean the surface and apply wide Eternabond tape.

You may want to drill a small hole at each end of the crack to stop if from continuing to run.

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The prescribed fix and the way we do it at our shop is to drill out the crack at each end to keep it from running. Apply a small bead of Proflex in the crack and then place a length of eternabond tape over the crack.  I do not advise having it re-glassed as it it will be a waste of money as these cracks can come back in the same place. We see these cracks continually on the front cap of fiberglass roofs on older coaches.

We had a Sig in the other day for a roof renovation the other day that had the worst crack I have ever seen on a roof. It was wide, with one edge raised and extended from the roof down the side of the radius.



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Dave / all,

We're experiencing the exact same thing, roof cracking, behind the driver & passenger seats.  Both cracks are about 12-14 inches long.

I have not drilled a "stop holes", but that's a GREAT idea, thanks!  I'm planning on doing the following:

  1. Stop holes, both ends of each crack
  2. Roughing-up the cracked areas with 120-grit sand paper
  3. Clean the areas with mineral spirits & alcohol
  4. Apply and work-in ProFLEX sealant into the cracked areas
  5. Apply 4" Eternabond tape


For the stop holes, 1/16", 1/8", other... ?

Any other suggestions for repairing... ? 


BTW - Our rig is a 2005 Beaver Marquis


Thanks in advance,

Steve & Randi



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