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HWH Air Leveling Mystery

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First off, I was very happy with the HWH Air Leveling System in my Windsor even though the Auto-Leveling portion never leveled the coach as perfect as I like it to be, so I always used the HWH in manual mode. The Windsor has the HWH Model 500 and it has power to it constantly, all you have to do is push the ON button to power it up.

Now I own this 2006 Dynasty which has the HWH Air Leveling System but I am not sure what model it is. However, you are required to turn the ignition key to on in order to get power to the HWH Control Panel. Again, I am not happy with the Auto-Leveling function as it just doesn't get the coach exactly as level as I require it to be. But that's not the problem.

The problem is that it won't stay powered on no matter whether it is Auto-Leveling or Manual Leveling. After so many minutes it turns itself completely off with no power going to the control panel. If turned off it won't maintain my level point. Then to get power back to the control panel I have to turn the key on once again. What a PITA! 

SO....how do I re-wire this bad boy so it has power to it ALL the time. It never made any sense to me why Monaco wired it so you had to have the ignition key on just to power the d*** thing up in the first place.

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In my 2006 Dynasty if I put in auto level it will turn off then come back on like every 30 minutes to adjust if needed. I will usually manually adjust then hit auto before I turn key off. As long as the lights are out it will stay there then be in standby. No idea how you would rewire but wondering if yours might be doing the same thing. 

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You comment on system not leveling correctly to your liking, why don't you "reset" level. Not sure about HWH systems but Valid has a specific procedure to reset the "level" setting. I'm pretty certain HWH does as well. Basically involves getting the coach level in manual mode then a specific button combination to lock it into the system. This info should be included in the repair/maintenance info for your system.

As previously stated, are you sure your system isn't waking up as scheduled and you just don't notice. May be difficult to tell since it's not level in auto mode to start with.

I put mine in auto and don't mess with it for months.

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Thanks, guys, for all your responses. Nice to know which model HWH I have now and thanks for posting the manual.

Well, I guess it appears that this thing goes to sleep and that's why I was under the impression that it was turning off.  Definitely different than how the HWH Model 500 operates, etc.

I will attempt to locate the Leveling "puck" and try to calibrate it better than what it is now. Presently in auto-mode it levels the coach with the rear end too high for me, yellow lights off. This causes the bathroom door to constantly swing all the way open whereas I prefer the bathroom door to remain in its open position. Call me anal but I like the coach to be perfectly level especially when we are staying in one location for 5-6 months at a time.

So, when I level in manual mode to get it exactly the way I like it the yellow lights come back on. When I leave it that way, after so many minutes the control panel turns off. Don't know if the HWH Air Leveling Valves are still locked in their positions or not to keep the coach exactly how I manually leveled it or not. That's why I was asking how to keep the control panel powered up like the HWH model 500 does.

Thanks again!

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Once you push the level button once and manually level to your liking just turn key off and it will stay in that position. When you turn the key back on it will go back into travel mode using the ride height valves. I have the same situation with mine with the bathroom door. The hwh box and level sensor is in the ceiling of one of the bays. In mine it is the middle of the bay with the inverter. There is an access panel. I haven’t adjusted mine I have just been using manual mode and it holds pretty well. 

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