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Air Source For Air Horn - 2000 Diplomat

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My air horn under the front hood is not getting any air. I found the solenoid (above the transmission controller in the left  front bay). I hear it click but I hear no air. The solenoid is buried behind a spaghetti of cables and is a real pain to get at. I'm thinking I should remove the solenoid to check it out. Hints on how to test it? Has anyone had to get at this solenoid? Any other ideas?

I appreciate any help.


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Are you certain it is the air solenoid clicking and not the relay that operates it? I would have someone to operate the button and feel the solenoid. It's just too simple of a system. Unless there is a major kink in the line. Ours is fed through the same PPV as vacuum generator and step cover. If any of those work, there is air to the solenoid. Loosening the compression fitting on solenoid would prove it just as loosening the outlet would prove air to the horn. I can only talk to how our coach operates but assume same principle for yours.

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