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Wanted: RV Dash A/C Full Service Shop in Jacksonville, FL Area

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2008 HR Ambassador 40SKQ, Cummins ISC-360, DPF, 95K miles.

Dash A/C compressor froze up, shredded serpentine belt.  Truck repair business sourced and installed new compressor and belt, but that's all.  Refrigerant hoses and electrical not connected to new compressor.  Need recommendations for A/C service shops in Jacksonville, FL area ( within ~100 miles) to finish the job.  Probably need to remove and install new dryer and expansion valve, and the normal evacuate, clean, vacuum, refill, test.  

If anyone has part numbers for the dryer and expansion valve, that would be very helpful.  I will check the parts list.

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I have a 2008 Beaver which should be close.  I have A SCS system.  Model number is by the dryer assembly.  Acme Air Parts has most parts. 913/515-1560 ask for Richard.  Richard@soldbyrichard.com.  They should have your parts.


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