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2004 Safari Panther entry door striker bolt replacement

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Well, it finally got me.  I have been locked out of my 2004 Panther a couple of times over the years.  A pull on the latch caused it to disconnect from the mechanism and then there's no way to open it from the outside.  Fortunately, there was always a window unlatched that my wife was able to crawl though and save the day.  Then about 2 years ago I figured out to adjust the latch so it wouldn't do that.  No problems for 2 years.  Then, I got locked out a truck stop, and windows all latched.  I was getting ready to break a window, then realized I could probably just cut the strike bolt with a hacksaw blade.  About 30 minutes and I was in!  Haven't been able to find a replacement strike bolt yet.  The part screwed into the door frame appears to be a 3/8" coarse thread, about 1" long.  Then there's a 1 1/8" flat washer that seats against the door frame.  The "post" that the latch grabs is 1/2" OD and am guessing about 1" long (the cut-off part fell inside the door, haven't found it yet).  

Has anyone had to replace one of these strike bolts yet?  Where did you find one?


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I'll be following this closely. I've been looking for a new striker bolt for mine for a long time. What makes it particularly difficult is that most of them are sold by application but rarely give all of the dimensions.

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I think I've found it! It's made by Trimark, part number 10335-16.  Make sense, because the latch part is Trimark also.  Available at:


I'll replace it, re-adjust the lock mechanism, but ALWAYS leave a window unlatched in future.



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Guest Ray Davis

Wow, what a great find.   

Inside the door, in the lock mechanism there is a small bronze bushing that can wear out.  There have been threads about this mostly on IRV2.

Anyway,  if yours is worn out try to replace it.  A suitable replacement can sometimes be found at hardware stores.

I searched on this forum for door lock bushing and found where Myron posted about it.  https://www.monacoers.org/topic/4737-entry-door/#comment-43761

Look down to Myron's post, it's 4 down,  where he has a host of downloads including one about the door bushing, It's down quite a way, like # 43.  They say unavailable 

but it opened for me, don't know what that's all about.  Myron has quite a library that I should take the time to investigate / save.

I recommend everyone thake a look at that download it really shows what's inside our doors and how it works. I don't know how to display it here, maybe someone can.

Thank you MyronTruex

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Thanks for the tip.  The rvpartscenter link I posted earlier did not work out for me, they are unable/unwilling to charge to a Visa card associated with a Canadian address, so once again it was Amazon to the rescue!  It's a 2 pack, so now I've got a spare!



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