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Thanks for the Door Latch Articles...

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Thank you to the many contributors who put together comprehensive files on Door Latch Adjustment.  There I was, 3,000 from home in a remote camp in Northern Mn, probably no more than 2 more door closures from a complete lockout.  It was starting to snow lightly when I pulled out my tools and started following the pictures on taking apart the door.  It was the rod coupling (13 in the parts list) that needed only 2 turns to bring the upper and lower latches back into adjustment. 1 hour later, it was fixed.  Months later, still opens like new.

Bob S

2002 Knight 32pbd

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I second the thank you. 

I completed the rod adjustment that Bob mentioned and I now feel like I have a brand new door. 

Two hours and 1 1/2 turns on lower nut.

I love this group.


P.S. Positively horrible stupid design. A couple of access panels would not have detracted from the looks of the door.


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As a reminder, when opening the door, pay attention to how far you need to pull on the handle before the door opens.  If you are getting close to the end of the handle travel before the door opens, it's time to adjust the rod linkage and/or replace the brass bushing.


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