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Tail light lens missing

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2006 Beaver Patriot Thunder Saratoga

We got home yesterday only to discover that the bottom lens has fallen off the tail light on the driver side. The amber lens and the two red ones are fine, just the clear lens is gone. Has anyone had anything like this happen to them and where did you find the replacement? We did call Beaver and they do have one for around $500.00 but it's just the bottom lens that's missing from the coach and we're trying to find something to fix this one. 


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Headlights and taillights come from standard trucks and cars. 
Try headlightsdepot.com or https://www.amerilite.net/tail-lights.html?p=2


Get DOT number off taillights and enter it on the internet.

DOT numbers on mine translate to 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado.

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You may want to consider replacing the entire light assembly with LED. Look for/at the DOT or SAE # on the lense. NAPA would be a good place to consider. Being 16 to ????????? years old, it's not if but when  they detoriate to a point of not functionong.  I Always think it's better to upgrade than replace, when addressing the age of some of the product out there. 

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Your taillight assembly was made by Hamsar out of Canada. Hamsar no longer makes the assembly and apparently has no intention of doing so.

Replacements are very hard to come by. The assembly is a non-standard size, DOT numbers don’t seem to match anything else. The Hella replacement lenses will not fit.

Here is Hamsar contact information, hope you have better luck than others:
5320 Downey Street
Burlington, ON  L7L 6M2
Phone: 905.332.4094
Toll Free: 1.800.567.5483
Email: hamsar.sales@grakon.com

Driver side; Stacked lamp # 86200 BN 200606

Passenger side; Stacked lamp # 86201, BIN 070513


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