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2008 Holiday Rambler Neptune power gear leveling system

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to 2008 Holiday Rambler Neptune power gear leveling system

Brad, you indicated Neptune in the post....but that would be more help in the title.  I fixed that.  You also need to update your Profile and list it something like this.

2008 Neptune XX Ft YYY Model.

As to your question.....whoever told you that you needed a relay should have been more precise.  There MAY be a Control Relay that "locks" out the power to the Valid Power Gear control.....so that you must be parked and the transmission in neutral and the hand brake set and the ignition off.  That is a SAFETY interlock.

In addition, you need a print of the system and that circuit.  ODDS ARE....a SWAG (Silly Wild @$$ Guess) would be that it is a BOSCH 87 or 87A relay.  These are commonly used all over the motor home.  It is a five pin relay....Auto Zone or NAPA or any Auto Parts store sells them.  Unfortunately, nowadays, they want a Make and year and such and they don't even know how to spell motor home without their computer....


Bosch 0332209158 Changeover Mini Relays - 5 Pins, 12 V, 20/30 A is what Amazon lists.

Put the above into the Amazon search box and you will see it.  Note the numbers on the contacts.  They MUST be 85, 86, 87, 87A and 30 on the terminals and the SAME circuit stamped on the side.  That means it is a "specific " type of relay.  I would but at least 2 spares....as your MH has them everywhere.

Now, you know, I think, WHAT to buy....or NOT....as your description was a little vague....but WHERE is the relay, assuming I am correct, that controls the POWER.  THAT is the question....and unless there is a Neptune owner or someone with specific knowledge....there is no exact answer. If your manual has a print of the Power Gear system....and the system... copy it or scan it and post it here with your response.  Good Luck..

EDITED.  I asked Frank McElroy and he was kind enough to post the info below.

I STILL suggest that you purchase 2 spares of the above Relays as they are used in probably 12 - 15 or so locations.....A necessity.  It took me forever to get a Cross reference and I could not find a good NAPA one, but I know they carry them...

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Here is a link to what I think is your Power gear hydraulic manual and parts list.  If you are looking for the Motor solenoid, it's part number 500310.  This part has been replaced by part number 359427.  Below is a link to a supplier.  Others might be available at a cheaper price.  If you are looking for other parts, just google the part number in the manual for a supplier.



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Thank you for the kind words. 

A lot of folks don't know but in the Downloads section of our site has a huge amount of technical information right down to service manuals and parts lists for basically all systems in your coach. 

Click on Downloads and see the files we've uploaded for members to use..

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