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Bugged out


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So i have been seeing more of these caucuses thru out the coach, they look like spider chow cause there usually under there webs, but not all the time. Some of them look like they drank the kool aid in that there will be a group of them laying about7A3A23B3-7B5E-4FAD-BB54-EA49B8C549A5.thumb.jpeg.afae1f3b75a923df476daebec45bf54e.jpegC9A8125E-3C7E-488F-97C1-9B793067EF81.thumb.jpeg.ea74701790f3bc218aba3d719eb7ea2e.jpeg9E5A5915-E106-4A6B-AC7D-179DA8A175D4.thumb.jpeg.cae0040d744a7a46bb555627f5e606e6.jpeg

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https://www.homedepot.com/c/ah/how-to-get-rid-of-carpet-beetles/9ba683603be9fa5395fab901cc10eadb#:~:text=Boric acid%2C a mild insecticide,then vacuum the areas well.

About every 3 or 4 years, I set off TWO bug bombs....sometimes THREE.  Slides OUT.  One in the bedroom with the closets open.....  One in the hallway (bathroom door propped open and one in the main galley.  Sometimes I will open all the cabinets and pull out all the drawers (remove the kitchen utensils....

That works.  NOW, it will not kill spiders.  I get bitten and it is almost like "poison ivey". I get a small mark....then it itches.....forms a small pus pocket....drains...and goes away. My Home bug guy and a Professor (emeritous) of Entomology at Church) says that Bug Bombs don't kill spiders....everything else.

SO...your call.  If you do the Home Depot trick....Then I would shampoo and vacuum the carpets afterwards....set off three bombs....

After I shampoo, I respray the carpets with Scotchguard.  Mine look great...and we have spent over 2 years in the Motor Home as we did almost 60 nights, average annually, for 10 years....

or else open you wallet and replace the carpet.....

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