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Help removing panel in bedroom

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I was cleaning the RV and found 2 nuts that came off of something behind a panel in my bedroom slide. I have attached images of the nuts and the panel I am trying to remove to see where the nuts need to be reinstalled. There is one screw on the face of the panel on the right side that loosens that side but nothing on the left. When I raise the bed there is no access that I can see to remove any screws holding that side of the panel. Looking for suggestions.


Patrick B

2007 Monaco executive Sandia IV





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The screws on the left side are probably hidden in the carpet.  Get a good light and start feeling around, you should find the screw on the left.  I believe there are only two, maybe a middle screw?   I removed these panels on my 09 Dynasty king bed a couple months ago to inspect and lube the slide movement and gears.  

Not sure about the nuts, hopefully when you get the panel off you can find where they came from.  The serrated nut is unusual, dont remember seeing anything similar in my slide mechanism.



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2 minutes ago, pbustamante41 said:

I used a strong light without luck and will try again and maybe use a magnet as well. Thanks

I hope the trauma of not finding the Monaco hidden screws has no emotional harm...  LOL. I, too, have tried a strong LED light and a small awl and icepick and finally gave up....on a similar panel over the Step Well Cover.  The tech that did the lubing said that he would not charge a customer for the amount of time that it took to find them....so he worked from the bottom and left the front panel in place.

BUT, others here are very adept at such....and I admire...as well as envy their skills.  Lowes and others sell large magnetic hooks....maybe with a 2" base....  There are also "Rare Earth" magnets that are extremely powerful on Amazon.  Perhaps either might work. I think that a needle or gluing or using tape to attach a "bent, pointed" paperclip of a dowel or pencil and a methodical probing might work.  BUT, that would only be if you had a defined area....like the edge of a panel.

Good Luck.  Let us know what worked....we all learn.

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I just had to replace mine.  It fell off twice during our last trip.  Mine fell off of the driver side slide on the front side of the slide.  It took me awhile to find out whether or not it was supposed to have a lock washer under it.  I finally found a star washer that had fallen into a cavity behind the shower.  I had to stick a long screw drive in there against one of the flats and hit it with a hammer to tighten it.  That hex nut you found may have been in there as a locking nut.  The slide will have to be all the way in to get at it.  If yours fell off the rear end side it may be a little more difficult to get at but you might be able to open a closet door for better access.


Driver side vanity.png

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The repair is complete. I used rare earth magnet to locate the screws on the left side. It stuck to the carpet multiple times but no screws. It turned out that the panel was nailed to in place with about 20 nails ... what a PIA. I had to remove the wood panel to expose the mechanism. It was attached with Velcro patches and glue. I found two bolts missing and 2 bolts loose. I also found the large bolt was indeed a set bolt. New bolts were install and existing tightened utilizing lock washers and Loctite. I checked the other side of the slide and found everything good and tight. I was lucky to catch this before all 4 bolts worked their way free. 



20220915_135356 (1).jpg



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