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window parts

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Pacific North,
Manufacturer of Tooling
and Outdoor Products

DP203.-Red DP-263-Red Dual Pane Window Latch was 633 )
$29.00 each
$6.00 shipping 

This was two years ago.

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10 hours ago, gdroberson said:

that is the locks the part I need is plastic part that is screwed to the inside track where the window slides so when you open the window it holds the window up  so it just dont slide down puts pressure on the side of the window

Atwood is not longer a window fabricator.  If you do some digging, I think that it was bought by Duncan….then swallowed up by Lippert.  In 2018, they were providing new tempered glass for their old frames.  They had all the Atwood files and model info and engineering drawings.  They also had the magic list of which ATWOOD window was used where in which model.  Their shop was in Elkhart.

i spent time with the lady that runs it who was an original Atwood manager.  I don’t know if they had any “parts”.


Try this…  Parkin-ACC.com  had trouble getting the website to resolve, but here is a link with phone numbers.  They “advertise” Atwood Parts.


Good Luck.   

BTW…a good picture is what NWRV will need….been there.  Done that.



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37 minutes ago, gdroberson said:

thank for all the help

Update.  The 3M VHB will definitely hold….as in almost “weld” the frame.  I think that the original installation was with a thicker, butyl rubber double stick tape.  Amazon sells it.  EternalBond also makes a double stick tape for RV use.  It is on Amazon as well.  Might have to trim it or cut it to the right width.

Do NOT be surprised if one corner is really tight. Monaco’s fabricators were sometimes sloppy with the cutout pattern.  The assemblers all had big rubber mallets.  I had a shop with former Monaco employees pull mine.  Sure enough, there was one pesky corner.  The replacement company sort of straightened the frame or the corner and the installation shop did a little grinding or filing  to provide the proper clearance….and did not have to beat it back in.

Good Luck

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