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Hurricane Ian Help and Relief Opportunities

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I just called a friend in Cape Coral to check on how they were doing. He said they are doing well, are healthy but in their early 80's, they have no utilities, and their contractor son from NY came to help as long as needed. They are staying with friends but feel like they are imposing. He has been checking the RV websites to buy and park it on their property while things get settled and rebuilt. He asked if we still have our RV. My wife and I until March 2020 used to travel in our RV for three to five months every year so obviously we have a reputation as RV-ers. We haven't used our RV for the last three seasons (health, pandemic and being too busy). I've been feeling guilty about comfortably sitting up here in luxury wondering what we can do to help the very unfortunate ones in FL, many are our age, and having to recover from such a such a bad situation so late in life, a disaster in so many regards.

Everything for the RV is in tip-top shape except for the dash AC and the tow-bar. I'll skip the AC (nobody wants to fix an AC in a RV, I have no way to evacuate the system myself to replace the expansion valve, etc, and no one wants to just do an evacuation). So we're going to drive the RV to them to keep for as long as they need it. The RV is fragile but Hank is a contractor and clever so I'm sure he can get by, and the two of them are careful and neat. They are good friends, even though we see them only every couple of years.

They restored their house which is on the historic register as it is one of the first houses to be built in Cape Coral. The block walls are undamaged but they had ten inches of water so all the interior sheet rock and their belongings have to be removed right now to prevent mold. Very sad. Now my biggest problem is letting them know when we'll be there as he said today's phone call was the first he had received all week. Maybe carrier pigeon???

As soon as I hung up it hit me maybe there are Monacoers who may be able to do the same if they are not going to be using their RV this winter. Give it some thought.

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Hello Monacoers,

Your Monacoers team has created this new topic to combine posts on the topic of helping others recover from Hurricane Ian.  Monacoers is based on each of us helping others, and feel it's in the spirit of this site to extend that to hurricane recovery for our fellow RVers!

If you personally know of an individual or a business that needs help, please post it here!

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Red Coconut RV Resort is an RV park located in Fort Myers, FL that is very popular with Monacoers' members for decades.  They were devastated by Hurricane Ian, and have created a "GOFUNDME" to help their employees get through the disaster.  The owners have expressed their desire to rebuild and reopen the part as it has been in their family for over three generations.  If you are so inclined, please visit their GOFUNDME page, read their story in their own words, and donate if you are so inclined.



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I have attached two photo's of the Red Coconuts Campground. the first picture is what is left of the Red Coconuts RV Resort on Estero Island, Fort Meyers Beach. Every year in September this was Our "go to" place for the past 20 years to just chill, relax and enjoy the beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets, the wonderful beach, our friends, all the great restaurants and great food. That is all gone Except for the Sunrises and Sunsets.
It is Heart Breaking to see what is left in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Our Hearts, Thoughts and Prayers go out to all the folks that have been affected by this Historic Event. I am very happy that the owners have opened a "Go Fund Me" account to help their Employees and Staff in this difficult time. Sandy and I will do our part to help the Red Coconuts Family.
Over those 20 years we met and made a lot of friends that came from all over the country to spend the same time as we did. Our site was Site 52 on the front row (Sunset Circle) on the beach. In the picture our site is between the third and fourth Palm Trees from the left (North) on the beach at the bottom of the picture. The line of Palm Trees is the front row of the Beach-side Section of the RV Park and the sites are between each tree. You parked your coach on the concrete site with the front end lined up between the Palm Trees. Sanibel Island was off to the left (looking North) in the picture. The top of the picture is what is left of the main Campground. You can still see the swimming pool where the REC Hall was.
The second picture was before the Hurricane. The Beach-side Part of the campground is the lower left side, there was a total of four rows.
I have been in contact with the owners and they are hopeful that they can rebuild and update the park better than it was before the Hurricane.
Sandy and I are heart broken. It is amazing how things can change in a very short time.
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