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Docking lights

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I wasn’t happy with the poor light put out by all four of my docking lights.  So I decided to remove them and clean the inside of the lenses as they appeared tan and cloudy.   Once I took them apart, found the insides were heat damaged from the halogen bulbs.  I’ve ordered LED replacement 893 bulbs, and will try cleaning the assembly and spraying some “chrome” paint in there.   Tiffin has the replacements for about $55 each   

Out of curiosity, I removed one light assembly from the side and switched it on.  Within a couple of minutes, the entire assembly was too hot to comfortably hold.  

All 4 lights had similar damage.   While I had it apart, I added a low profile LED fog light (wired to the docking light) ahead of the drive axle pointing out at about a 45 degree angle.   Now I can clearly see where that tire is when backing in the dark.  


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More pictures please. A light showing where the tires are would be very helpful. I have experimented with some things but did not come up with a decent solution.

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Before and after cleaning the lenses. 
Chrome spray paint on damaged assembly, waiting on LED bulbs before reinstalling. 
Light mounted on passenger side. 
Light turned on.   No docking lights installed yet. 
Closer view of flood light mounted to frame under at propane bay. 

I also decided that the step light was better served connecting it to the inside step lights after hitting my shin on it in the dark.  
then I decided that actually seeing the edges of the step was an even better idea.  Two 3/4 holes drilled into the outside edge solved my shin issue.  Last picture.  image.thumb.jpg.2505a6d00d27928e59529359563c722f.jpg


The two identical pictures posted upside down?   Sorry

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Can you provide the source for those led strips please? Sorry if I overlooked it already. I can think of several places thoughs would be handy. Replacing some bay lights for example. 

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Installed the passenger side, driver side still originals.  
Every parts store I went to told me there was no LED substitute for 893s.   Kid at AutoZone to me to check the Amazon.  They had them.   Had to file the plastic a bit where it was melted to get the new bulbs in.   That’s probably why the old one broke as I pulled them out.   
The fog light is from harbor freight.   

Much brighter.  


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