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Repair Shop Cracked my Windshield-Finding a Qualified Glass Shop - Other Damage?

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A local truck/rv shop was replacing my airbags and while performing the work they cracked my windshield.   Good news, they will be replacing my windshield, with a vendor of my approval.  Any recommendations in the Kansas City or Saint Louis area or Midwest?  They claim to have a vendor in Colombia, MO that is familiar with RV windshields, will contact them tomorrow. 

What should I be looking for when reviewing possible glass shops?  

I believe this windshield is rubber seal installation, no glue?

Now I'm wondering what else may have been damaged due to the twisting.   Will inspect the tile flooring tomorrow (full tile coach-with heated floors) 

I'm concerned about the slides, this coach has three large hydraulic slides, any feedback on how to check their operation safely without causing any additional damage?   

Thinking I'll park the coach on a very level spot and slowly move each slide in and out, checking operation on the inside and outside during the process.   Should I remove all the trim so I can observe the movement?  


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Just got off the phone with Marks Mobile Glass in Jefferson City, MO.  They have replaced windshields in over 20 Monaco coaches in the last 18 months, so I feel pretty comfortable using them for the repair.   They will only do the repair in their shop and have technicians that have been working on coaches for 15-20 years.   Glass is on order and should be here next week.  One full day to do the install, and with the rubber seal, can drive away the same day. 


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When I had mine replace by Coach Glass, they recommended 24 hours of sitting still and level. It wasn't a problem since they came to replace it in my shop but it may not be an issue if they leave the gasket in place and the glass is not glued to it, mine isn't. 

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Regarding the slides, should I just make sure they extend and retract evenly and lock?    

Should I inspect the slide and chain mechanism ?    

Check the rollers?




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