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Need help locating a ???


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I have the coach, 09 Dynasty Regal, parked and plugged into a 50 amp source.  Parked for the winter, and it's cold.  Using electric elements to maintain hight 40 to low 50 degrees.  Noticed that the fans on the heat exchangers were not working, the idiot light on the galley touch pad was not lit up.  Checked the multiplex in the rear wardrobe closet.  Could not find any problems there.  Did I mention it's cold?  We are in single digits so I'm not spending much time outside.  

Using schematic #38071413 to troubleshoot.  On the drawing under the picture of the galley blower there is a ?? where most of the wiring enters and exits coming from and going to, if that makes sense.  I can't find that location.  The non-latching relays are in the wardrobe closet.  The 25 amp breaker/resettable fuse is also in the closet.  

There is a relay inside broken lines, meaning to me it's a remote location.  The relay is wired from the Relay Module "F", A-H blwr on-signal, to this relay.  The relay is fed from the same source as the A-H 25 amp brkr.  I can see the 14ga wire but it disappears in with a thousand other wires, leaves the closet overhead into the ceiling. 

So where in the H E double hocky sticks are these connections??  These connections are inside a solid line box on the drawing with all the fan terminals.  There is also what appears to be a cable labeled Aqua Hot supplier harness on one side.  Are these connections on/near the boiler?

I got the fans on by turning off the electric and turning of the diesel.  This got the fans working as well as the idiot light on the touch pad.  I turned on the electric and then turned off the diesel and the fans continued to run.  I don't consider this strange since I've gotten used to the electronics doing all kinds of strange things since I've owned it.  I have the dreaded Kongsberg Roadside Multiplex, nothing is too strange for this thing.  Pretty sure the heating is not part of that though.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

Woody Miller

09 Dynast Regal IV 

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I've had this experience. There's a firmware bug on our AH or multiplex where the fans won't come on because of low-temp lockout, even if it's come up to heat using electric. Engaging diesel only for a second (not long even long enough for it to fire) fixes this, and after diesel is turned off, the fans continue to work on electric. Every time I set up the coach for winter electric heat to prevent freezing, I turn on the diesel for just a couple of seconds.

There is a big green connector with low-voltage wires.. maybe 16 of them, that screws into the back of the AH control panel, which is screwed into the plastic fascia on the wet bay, curbside. It's what has the green zone, etc, LEDs on it. I presume that might be the panel you're looking for.

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Woody, our buddy in Clayton is a certified AH person and should be able, if you are so inclined, to work on this.  I have had my 09 Camelot in the drive and I know the conditions.  I have two remote sensors, one in the wet bay and the other in the fresh tank area.  My layout is probably different from yours,  BUT, I have left on the AH with both sources, Diesel and Electric on for several nights and babysat the system.  The temps in the fish tank area…DRIVERS SIDE…behind the fuel tank has been a steady 55DF.  Now visualize that my AH unit is on the AH unit is also behind or adjacent to the fuel tank….except it is on the passenger side,

likewise, the wet bay has remained a toasty 55 DF.  I have the cheap floor contact snap disk thermostat….and the Service Heat “in use” light has never come on.

That is how mine works….and Frank serviced it earlier this spring and tested it.Wish I could offer more….but using the diesel with the electric keeps the boiler satisfied.  It does NOT, based on my random trips, run all the time, but this morning, after a 27 DF ambient low, the interior was exactly 65 DF inside and both external bays were 55….


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Hey while we're looking at 38071413, can somebody offer me a description or photo of where the galley temperature sensor / thermistor is supposed to be on a >40 ft coach? Ours is not fitted, and Zone 2 has to be set to some wacky temps to make it operate. I assume it was going to be installed on one side or the other of a lunch break, and it's jammed in behind a cabinet fascia somewhere.

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