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Norcold 1200 for sale

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I am taking a long shot here ....

We completed a 6-month trip this year with the Norcold fridge that was installed in the RV and it worked every day like a champ (on both Electrical and Propane). On our return we replaced the fridge in our RV with a residential fridge and will not go back to the Norcold. This fridge is in good working order.

I have the Norcold 1200LRIMSS refrigerator for sale for $800 or nearest cash offer, excluding any shipping and handling costs.

The doors look like new and are without dents and has no scratches. The unit Includes:

    1.      Factory installed icemaker with water control valve

    2.      Shelves

    3.      Vegetable and door trays

    4.      ARP Fridge Defend (http://www.arprv.com/) and additional ventilation fans (value $100)


The attached photos show the fridge (front and rear), model number, Icemaker and various shots of the temp of the electrical heating elements. The ARP unit manages the temp to ensure the temp does not exceed the limit that I believe is 500F (and it gets not close to the design max of 800F).


I am located in the Wilmington DE area and I can deliver the fridge free of charge within 100 miles of my home.

Please PM me if you are interested.





Temp of heating element-1.jpg

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14 hours ago, Martinvz said:

I have the Norcold 1200LRIMSS refrigerator for sale for $800 or nearest cash offer, excluding any shipping and handling costs.

Sounds about right.  Good luck!

13 hours ago, tmw188 said:

Long shot yes. They have a terrible reputation. Hunters may be interested for 50-$100 for a out door refrigerator. 🤷🏾‍♂️

We replaced our Norcold 1200LRIM with a nearly new Dometic RM1350 (similar w 4 doors & SS fronts) for $750 through Facebook Marketplace BECAUSE WE BOONDOCK A LOT.  It appeared the seller, an RV tech that pulled it out of a new camper, had it for sale for long time.  Being a bit cynical but the group here seems to think it's a sin to use a propane fridge.  Yes, there are issues, and even risks, but a propane fridge has advantages that a residential just can't match . . . . . and vise-versa. 

We sold the "bad" Norcold 1200 (chilling unit was kaput) for $100 with the stipulation the entire unit was gone.  That took a while also, but the buyer wanted the doors and our door seals were in good shape.  win-win

Sometimes I wish we would have gone residential, and if a similar 3-4 door fridge would have fit I probably would have, but then we would have had to upgrade the batteries and gone with more solar . . . . and still have to run the generator more than I'd like to replenish the depleted batteries in the morning. 

- bob

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