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Kewee slide out tray

Mike T Phillips

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I have a 2008 holiday rambler imperial 43 ft with a kewee power slide out tray in the first bay.    That I can’t get to move.      I can’t seam to locate a 12 volt fuse.    It has a handle in the middle of the forward drawer slide and I have tried to raise it thinking it was a manual override but that does not seam to work.     Any one have any idea where a fuse may be or what it would be labeled.     I’ve looked under the drivers seat outside and in the back wardrobe but can’t find it




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I had the exact same problem. Called Lippert 17 times, no one there knew anything about. My handle would go up but would not release the tray. The control board would click but not move the tray. I asked how much a new control board would cost and they gave me a price of $1000.00. I THINK THEY ARE OUT OF THERE MINES!!! So I'm stuck with the try just sitting. I can't even remove it because I can't get to the bolts. I'll wait to see what you find out. GOOD LUCK!!!

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