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Radiator Cap-2004 Signature Detroit 60 Engine

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I noticed that my 2004 Signature radiator cap is in need of replacement.
I called REV Parts which has the ability to look up older parts. I got transferred to their Washington State office and placed an order for the part they looked up. It turns out that they do not have parts diagrams but work off a photo system. Interesting but apparently works. 

They sent me a Motorad 16 psi cap. The existing one on my radiator/coolant recovery tank has a "F3" stamp on it. According to my research, the "F3" cap is only 4 psi.

I have heard mechanical cautions that it is very important to use the correct psi cap.

If you have a Signature with a Detroit 60 engine, please look at your cap and let me know what is stamped on the cap. 

As a note, it does appear that this may be called a "coolant recovery cap" but the Signature with a Detroit 60 engine has a pressurized aluminum tank for the radiator fluid.

Below are pictures of the Motorad 16 psi cap and the F3 4 psi cap.



Thank you very much for your help.

Lee Smith

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My manual does not list a cap.

My local NAPA cannot find one.

I was able to verify on the verulinks website that the 16 psi motorad is listed for the 2004 Signature. I am now comfortable with the 16 psi cap. Maybe the F3 was a substitute somewhere along the line. I do hope someone with a series 60 diesel can give me a final verification. 

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