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2009 Monaco step cover

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45 minutes ago, rtmurley said:

The step cover on my 2009 Dynasty quit working. Where should I start to resolve issue?

Your Step Well Cover is, unfortunately, part of the Kongsburg (SP?) Chassis Control Module system.  There are not many options if this module has failed.  Look on page 209 of the Manual.  There are TWO fuses (15A) there.  One is for EXTEND and the other is for RETRACT.  Replace them with good fuses or swap.  Examine or test the fuses.  If the Extend Fuse is OK, then you will need to pull the Wiring Diagrams.   

The type of mechanism, on the earlier Dynasties, were AIR.  If so...and they did NOT change them there there will be two small plastic brackets or supports on the step well....one on either side.  When the cover is extended, the cover rests or is supported on them.

Monaco did NOT specify in the Brochure or the Manual if they are AIR or Electric.  SO....on to the prints again.

We do NOT have copies of the 2009 Camelots in the files.  I DO know that in 2009, Monaco changed the Camelots and lower from a single reversing motor to two individual (extend and retract) motors.  MAYBE they standardized and swapped from the AIR to Electric.  Your Prints and your research (do you have the air valve outside) is the only way.

Good Luck

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Ray, I'd check the 20 amp fuse labelled SCER and relays SCE and SCR on the main PCB in the FRB.  Also check the step cover relays K4 and K5 and fuses F4 and F5 on the FRB CCM (all labelled step cover).

Attached are a few files to help you.

If all the other dash switches in the 3 switch module that has the step cover switch work, then likely the SCER fuse is bad.  If you hear relays clicking, then likely the step motor has a problem.  If the two other switches in the switch module that has the step cover switch don't work, then you have a much bigger problem with the chassis multiplex system.

Hope this helps.


38080853_A Step Cover.pdf 27000652_B Vehicle Cabin PCB.pdf CCM fuses front and rear.pdf 03215100_A Vehicle Cabin PCB Label.pdf

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Non-operating step well cover resolved. I had left one of the switch module cables unplugged in the module grouping near the step cover switch. According to Frank McElroy these module switches are like Christmas tree lights if one goes out the rest of the modules in the chain won't work. Since plugging the cable in other switched functions are now working.  Thanks Frank 

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