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Generator leaking oil

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Good Evening. Today I went to the motor home to do a little maintenance Started the generator to charge the batteries it ran for 5 minutes and stopped, restarted run for a few seconds and stopped. I pushed it out to have a look only to see oil running out the bottom. I was able to get a pan to catch the oil. Any Ideas what kind of problem I might be facing. Thanks in advance 

  Tom 2001 Executive

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You really need to identify where the oil is running from. Easy access from the side opening and hopefully just a lose or double gasketed oil filter and the engine stopped due to lack of oil pressure before any damage happened. I doubt you have an oil cooler so it got to be leaking from the engine somewhere. Are you sure it isn't diesel fuel that's leaking, if clear?

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First time I changed oil in ours, the seal/gasket/Oring on the new onan brand filter heald long enough to pass a five minute test, but dumped oil a week later tem minutes in to use.

I had another filter which had the same failure, gasket would not hold it's position in place on the filter while being held horizontal up to installed.

I hope your problem is that easy.  But hope you don't have to clean up oil on the Elks parking lot.

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