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Water heater

Hubert wells

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Getting my 08 Monaco diplomat ready to go the the Monaco gathering,   yesterday I checked the water heater and it keeps kicking  the bedroom 20 amp breaker.

I switched breakers but didn’t help.

I put new heating element in also. It works good on gas but not 110 v. It’s a Atwood water heater .

Any suggestions what to check next ?

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We have an 08 Endeavor so should have the same layout basically.

The water heater plugs into an outlet near the heater. Unplug from that and see if your breaker trips immediately again. If so, the water heater is not at fault and you will have to work backwards from that. 

If it does not trip, follow the power cord to a black box on or near the water heater and open it up for inspection.

A 12 volt relay controls the 110 volts to the water heater. 

The files attached have a lot of information. When you open a pdf there could be a yellow post it note. Mouse over or click it to open the note. 

Hot water heater close up of relay box.JPG

Hot water heater explanation.jpg

Hot Water Heater switches on EMS panel corrected schematic.png

hwh jpg.jpg

HWH switches.png



Our hot water heater.JPG

Water Heater Attwood.jpg

1.pdf 120 volt relay controlling OUTLET the HWH is plugged into.pdf 120V Block Diagram hot water heater.pdf 120V Block Diagram.pdf Atwood HWH model water heater.pdf Atwood Pilot_6_gallon.pdf Atwood water heater - IRV2 Forums Page 1 of 2.pdf Atwood water heater - IRV2 Forums Page 2 of 2.pdf EMS Panel Wiring.pdf Hot water heater block diagram.pdf Hot water heater notes and ems explanation.pdf Hot Water heaterEMS Panel Wiring.pdf hwh bmp.bmp Notes and schematic.pdf Water heater atwood.pdf Water Heater Bypass Valve.pdf Water Heater Door.pdf WATER HEATER electrical diagram.pdf Controller for temperature of hot water.pdf Water heater mixer valve IRV2 web page.docx Water Heater.pdf

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