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No power to this MPX light switch - 09 Sig

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'06 Monaco Sig CIV

The pictured lighting programable switches apparently has no power. Since I've never attempted to diagnose these, questions:

1. Is it simple to pop off the main cover and test these stitches for power

2. Since ONLY this set of switches isn't working - the adjoining Aladin works fine - it may be a specific fuse. Anyone know which one it could be or which of several electrical panels it may be on?




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Yes, the black cover just pops off, but I’d try rebooting the system first. Turning the salesman switch off may do it, but solar may still keep it powered… turn battery disconnect off.
The keypad is screwed on so remove and unplug it and plug it back in… does it work now? There’s only 3 wires so do you have 12V on 2 of them?  If not, then it may be a fuse… could be behind the TV or in the BR closet. Next I would move it to another location and see if it works there.

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Thank you for this quick reply.

The Sales's Switch was the first thing I tried. Several times. No change.

I'm thinking that the next logical place to check is the fuses. No that I know which panel to look at!!! There are soooooooooo many in this beautiful coach.


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I would take the keypad off and check for 12V power to it first. Regardless of where you put a keypad, it will still do the same thing… 3rd wire is the signal wire that tells the cpu which relay to operate.

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to No power to this MPX light switch - 09 Sig

There is a long topic discussion on this.  Do NOT start to “mess” with the switch.  The proper procedure is the following….

Turn OFF the salesman switch.  Leave it off for at least 5 to maybe 15 minutes.  Cycling on and off the salesman switch could actually damage either the CPU or one of the modules.  Like flicking on and off the owner to your PC before it boots up.

NOW….look.  Do you have power when you push a button?  If NOT….then carefully remove the cover plate.  There is a topic that covered all of this in detail…I might add it if I have time to search.  You push up (memory) on the key pad over and then gently pull on the bottom to release the lock.  Prying with a tool is a good way to break it.

NOW….turn OFF the salesman switch to kill oower to the Intellitec system. Unscrew the back plate and find the connector.  I cannot read the switch names….but MOST have a single connector. NOW….there are some with 2 connectors.  Will not go tht deep why some have one and some have two.  One will be 3 wire and then other, if two, 2 wires.  Plug and unplug each…but the 3 wire is the MPX buss or control wires.  So, plug and unplug the 3 wire a few times and PUSH the wires on each mating end to ensure that the terminals are secured and snapped in place.

Leave the switch dangling.  Turn ON and wait  minute or so…..then try another switch somewhere else….if it works….then try this one.  OK…no JOY….

Get your prints.  There is a Legend or chart in the Multiplex closet.  There will be (typically) 5 Intellitec modules.  They have an ALPHA label.  Write down the circuit names from the switch labels (not working).  Then look at the legend,  Each circuit or label will be on the chart.  Write down the Alpha letter.  There will be a corresponding circuit number.  Like 3-10.  Each ALPHA module has 10 circuits as well as 10 fuses.  When you lose a key pad, MOST of the time, it is in the CPU or brain….it did not boot up properly,  you will have pads that may light….but some buttons will not WORK.  Conversely,  there may be “dead” switches….so making a good connection is the first step.

Past that, you need to read the topics and understand what to do next and trouble shoot…..so do this now,,..




Start at the beginning….lots of info here…..read it complete..then proceed with your trouble shooting…


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WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!  That is a lot of info for a Saturday morning!!!!!  But THANK YOU FOR THIS AND YOUR TIME OFFEING IT!!!!

I will start... at the beginning and let you know my finding.


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