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Bedroom Window Shade

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This is TYPICAL…..there are two brackets near the bottom of the side rails of the valance that hold it to the wall.  You almost have to open the window and fully push up or retract the shade.  Monaco did not, typically, use the snap on brackets where you gently pried or snapped off the shade housing from the valence.  You will see 2, probably, since it is a short width, screws going through the shades and then into the roof.  Sometimes they were towards the front….other times the rear.

YES….they were put on when they trimmed it out.  I have never figured out what kind of screw gun they used or the bit design…but they come out and you have 2 screws on the bottom, one on each side….and 2 screws in the top.

EDIT….  I used a 6” extension (1/4” drive) and a 1/4” socket and a #2 Square Drive, EH?….bit.  I used a little painters tape to keep them connected.  BUT, the slop also worked to my advantage like a geriatric universal joint…..like my body.  A straight 6” bit in a small screw gun would probably work as well….

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Four screws on mine and valance and shade all in one. Take Two on bottom out from valance and two single screws up top into cabinet. Not the ones in the corner brackets as they should only hold valance together. Second pic shows one of the single screws that attach valance to cabinet.



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Just adding to this information a bit, no pun intended, the bits are generally a square #2 or SQ2 on the bit itself. Sometimes you will find a screw that is an SQ1 but they are much more rare. Hopefully this helps someone at least a bit. Kreg and several others make a 6" SQ2 that make getting to the valance brackets much easier. Take care out there.

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