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2010 Neptune RR4R Ride Height

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As part of my annual maintenance, air bag height is checked.  The coach seemed to "look different" after the October annual and it did drive OK on the short trip home.  Fast forward to a very severe storm on our way to Florida in January (first outing since the annual) and the coach seemed to be  much easier to control and had better directional stability in the rain and wind.  (I had the Monaco ride enhancement kit installed and converted over to the TRW steering box...both vast improvements over "as delivered".)  I contacted my service shop and they are checking to find out what they did differently and assume they raised the coach a bit since it seems to sit a bit higher.  The service manager is checking on the setting the tech used but has not come back to me yet.  I also called Source Engineering and told him the specs I have for the the bags are 6 15/16" front and 8 1/2" rear and he agreed with the rear but said the front should be 7 3/4", both "flange-to-flange".  I know this topic has been covered at a number of 419 MS sessions and have the handout PDF handout provided at the 2011 MS.  Can anyone confirm the correct front ride height for this coach/chassis?

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Hi Adam,

I have a 2006 Monaco Cayman 37 PBD, which I believe is the sister coach to your HR Neptune.  The only thing is, that your coach being 4 year models newer, the settings could be different.  So, take this data as reference only.  My chassis is also the RR4R and I recently installed the Source Engineering Ride Kit and Trailing Arms.  Everything fit perfectly and the ride heights were correct with no adjustment.  I really don't think that the air bags are going to control the ride height, as that is taken care of by the air actuator valve adjustment.RideHeight2006Cayman.thumb.jpg.baceea254426c98907dee41c9633b466.jpg

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First   contact Josams on Orlando or Henderson’s in Oregon.  They are the specialists in chassis.  The have the correct Monaco charts.  Get them to give you the dimensions and also where the ride height is to be measured..  Typically it will be from the lower surface of the top plate (where the air bag rests) to the Top surface of the lower plate where the air bag sits.  Some folks quote it based on top to bottom of the steel plates.  Barry is the contact at Josams.

Now call Source and talk to Jim or Scott.  Verify their numbers and the two point on each end to measure.  Based on what I know, the ride enhancing is just custom tuning or controlling the rate of flow in the air bags.  I would not have thought that there was a change in the rides height….but ask

The link below will take you to the Monaco chart. Trust me your 2010 Knight or newer ones were th same as 2009. MNavistarvnere changed anything on the Roadmaster chassis. You have a diagram.  I don’t understand the “flange” definition but Jim or Scott or Batty sho7ld be able to explain 


Good luck



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