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2008 monaco dynasty wiring diagram


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Generally the wiring diagrams +/- a model year are close depending on the system.  Look in the lower right corner and it should mention the application make and model year.  Maybe someone who has a 2005 Knight will upload their set of wiring diagrams.

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16 minutes ago, colorodan said:

Frank you listed a wiring harness for 2006 Monaco Knight and I have a 2005 Monaco Knight, so my question, is the wiring harness the same for both years?

Not Frank and was typing when he responded…..

The two diagrams will be similar.  Based on those of us the have helped others and also used the various drawings, unless Monaco did something really exotic (like going to the Intellitec MPX in 2006 and the 2005 was still conventional light switches), the 06 should work.  One way or actually two ways to really answer that, shirt of a member that has experience in both chiming in….

Google Monaco Coach Owners Manuals and follow the link to the site.  You can download both the sales brochure and owners manual.   Compare the 2005 to the 2006 in the last few sections that show the individual components or items in each section (electrical, chassis, plumbing, etc).  No big changes….good to go.  The more involved is to download the 2006 owners manual and do a section by section comparison,  if they are virtually the same….good to go.

Hope this helps….


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