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2005 Signature Skylight replacement

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My skylight has been looking the worse for wear and I broke it cleaning the coach. I was able to Eternabond it back together for the current trip, and started looking for replacement parts.

Originally it was a smoke outer dome, a clear, pebble finish inner dome, and an inside garnish piece.

The part numbers match a 22x30 and I see Specialty Recreation has replacement parts.

SL2230S is the smoke outer dome (also available in white as SL2230W


N2230 is the clear inner dome


N2230D appears to be the inner garnish including a clear inner dome and looks like it is an alternative to using N2230 and keeping the old inner garnish.


Has anyone tried these parts, especially the garnish incorporating the inner dome and not installed the separate N2230 inner dome?






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I recently replaced my skylight, I purchased from Icon Direct. After watching a YouTube video where James AZ expert install one.

The inner dome and garnish are good, I just replaced the outer dome. No problems with clearance.

My part #SL1830

I chose to go with smoke, but if you want to really lighten up your shower go with the clear.

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