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Odd Stop Engine light

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I've been getting the red stop engine light on right after cranking the engine, but its is erratic, does not do it everytime. I can stop and wait a few seconds then restart and normally it does not reappear. Sometimes I do have to stop and restart several times. If I start and it dosen't come onthen I am good to go, it does not come on while I am driving.  When I start and stop engine light comes on, it will not go off until I cut off engine.  Yesterday when getting ready to leave campground I started engine to warm up and stop engine did not come on. Warmed engine, then cut off to finish getting ready to leave, about 20 minutes later I recranked and got the stop engine light. It has been doing this for a while. I am definitely afraid to drive it with the light on.  I'm thinking it must be some type sensor problem.  2008 diplomat 400 ISL    Any ideas on what this may be?  

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Do you have the "medallion" engine monitor system? Mine has a separate oblong keypad to allow you to select many functions including reading stored codes. 

The readout is on the dash portion of the system.

You may find the engine will shut down at a dangerous time when trying to run it with the stop engine light on.

Check your radiator overflow tank to be sure it is filled correctly. There are so many sensors on this engine and Frank should help once you get the codes. 

I see Harbor Freight has a new code reader which includes a dpf regen function. I have not hear reports of anyone doing the regen with it yet, 

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Just to close the loop on this one, I didn't originally recognize the OP's name but in offline conversations, I realized that a while back he had sent me a copy of his ECM file when he was having a DPF regen issue.  I looked at it and it showed Inactive red stop engine codes all relating to a turbo actuator issue.  He now knows what to do to get his engine repaired.


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