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Power Gear Level System issue

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My Power Gear Power Level system is malfunctioning. The Auto Leveling has stopped working. Which by itself would not bother my too much. But as a result the warning alarm and all lights flashing on the control panel are particularly annoying while traveling. Manual mode seems to work fine for leveling. I have check fluid and checked all electrical connections at the pump and reservoir. Has anyone had this problem and come up with the solution? Photo attached. 06 Camelot 


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My did it two different times. One the fluid was low. I know you checked it, but I would do it again. The oil is finicky when it comes to temperature. The second time was when the Parking Brake was not sending a signal that it has been released. I ended up having to change the air brake switch. I upgraded it to a redesigned  switch that I found online. Hope this helps. 


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