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Power Gear Hydraulic Jack hoses custom made

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I used discounthydraulichose.com to make a 38 ' 3/8" hydraulic line 4780 psi rated double wire hose with 3/8" 37° JIC female swivel fittings on both ends for $130.00 including shipping. Very helpful folks.



I hope this is helpful.




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2 hours ago, Happycarz said:

I’m sorry. My brain was on hydraulic slideout hoses, not jacks. I looked  at what coach you had and realized my error. My mistake. 

No worries

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That is a deluxe hose.  I looked up theIMG_2215.thumb.JPG.ba2c1ef79eee9a15d4feaec6cdab0c37.JPG spec (SAE100R2AT) shown on your screen shot.  That hose includes a double braid.  Curious? Is that the spec on the existing hose in your '04 Cheetah? It looks like my '02 uses the lessor SAE100R1AT for just about everything... from fuel to hydraulic.  SAE100R1AT only has a single braid rated 1/2 the pressure of the '2AT.  Price difference is about 30% less. 

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These are the original hydraulic hoses for the Power Gear leveling system see attached photos. You will see the relief PSI is 3450.20230825_113306.thumb.jpg.329d109dabb82ec8375ff39e3640a4d2.jpg


One additional picture showing braided line


It looks like the braided hose just below your 

(SAE100R2AT) hose is just like the ones in my 2004.


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