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Headlight Assembly Replacement.

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Hello everyone. This should have been an easy fix, but before I begin forcing these headlight assembles into place and breaking something, I thought I ask the group if they had any tips for re-installing the headlight assembly  on a Cayman 2002. 

It should be easy, two and a half hours later, I decided to quit and see if I could get a bit of help.  I don't see any helpful videos on YouTube.  I am a bit mechanical so it's not like I[m a first timer.  Here is the problem. I removed both headlights which were relatively simple. A little tight pulling them out, but not a problem. The new ones I got from The LightDepot looks very nice and identical.  They seem to be a perfect match.  When installing, I can't seem to get it to go in the extra 1/2"  where the outline of the original light was.  If the new ones are off, they can't be by much. I did some measuring and they seem right on. 

My question is this. Does the rubber have to be against the frame so water doesn't come in around the lens or is having some gaps okay? I can caulk them, but the originals did not have any caulk or sealant around them. I'm wondering if the bottom has to go in first, or is there a little trick to getting them to seat properly.  I have a friend coming over tomorrow to see if we can manhandle  them into the proper seating where the rubber around the lens actually provides a seal.  Has anyone had this issue? The plastic matches up so well, that it looks like I could use the old back base part and switch the old one for the new one they are that close.  I'd rather not do that, but it's tempting.

I can't help to think there is a trick someone might know before I end up breaking something because of me forcing the issue to make it fit.  Thanks  Jim 



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Thanks for the response. Yes, I did. Anyway problem solved. All it took was another person, a couple screw drivers and a rubber mallet. As my buddy pried the lens where it should go, I used the rubber mallet to smack it into place. It amazing how much you can hit the lenses without breaking them. I would give them high marks for the quality of the assembly. I hit it a lot and hard and it didn't even think about breaking. Due to the limited space, you cannot get enough leverage to push the assembly in. I wanted to let anyone that wants to replace with the assembly, to be ready to use a rubber mallet to get it installed. Also, to have a second person to help guide the light for proper seating in the front of the assembly.  As you can see in the picture, the difference is huge and worth changing the assembly. No amount of polish would clear up these old lenses. 1977880902_20200625_1027561.thumb.jpg.2e0b1b669d514cb615fef2065203940b.jpg
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On 6/27/2020 at 6:38 AM, jrtrades1 said:

Do they make a halogen or LED light replacement?

You can check out the website to see. headlightsdepot.com My set was $229 for both which included the bulbs with tax and free shipping. The difference at night with the new assembly is like day and night (no pun intended).  Plus, I have spare lamps for high and low beams.  I don't know what difference led lamps would make at this point.

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