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2006 Monaco Dynasty Grab Rails won't light

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I experienced a blow out on my right front wheel of my Dynasty that tore apart the wiring to the front power step. After figuring out the wiring and finally getting the step to work correctly I now find my grab rails won't light. I know they are triggered at night when you open and close the door after the switch is turned on. Does anyone know if there is wiring that triggers them down by the right front wheel well? I did check the fuse for them and that was fine. I also see a pressure switch in the front jam of the door and there are two magnetic switches at the rear of the jam. Does anyone have any experience with this wiring?

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Following this thread to see where it goes as well, on my 06 Dynasty step and grab handle lights only come on when I use the remote for the keyless entry, but when I use the switch on passenger armrest, they do not light. Been like this for years. Switch used to work correctly. The issue has always had me pretty stumped 

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