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Ceiling lighting fuse location


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Bill, we woke up this morning with the same problem in our cockpit. But we also do not have any 12 V for the cigarette lighter or any switches on the dash or beside the drivers seat. The 12 v works fine in the rest of the coach but just nothing up in the cab area. If you have found a solution, please post and it might help me track down where my fuses are. Thanks.

Tom F. 06 Navigator 

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The fuse for the overhead lights was in the front run bay under the drivers seat. Board was in the lower left of the compartment, fuse is labeled "Map Lights", a 5 amp fuse.

In the past when the 12V power receptacles went out, I found a loose ground wire on the rear of the receptical, a little tightening and all was good again.

Bill B 07 Dynasty

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Tom, if you have 2 solenoids controlled by the salesman switch, one of them may be on its way out and the switch is still good. Our coach has 2 of them and as many others, I have bypassed them both when an intermittent problem started. Each one controls different parts of the 12v system and that might explain why only front of the coach was effected. They might look similar to this, the front switch provides ground to the coils through a purple wire (that I have disconnected after the "double bypass") at the rear right panel.


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