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"Phantom" Girard Window Awning

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This morning I noticed one  Girard window awning go out about half way ; then about 1/2 hour later it came back in.  No, this is not a joke.

After it came back in I notice it is about 1/4" from fully in the "home" position.  I seeing that before... weeks ago, once or twice.  I thought it might have been wind.

(I do not know if I posted this in the correct section.)


 .. Rick P  05 Sig

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Hi Rick,

Mine has done that a few times but I have not found a way to make it happen. It does seem to happen after the battery cutoffs are turned back on so it may be an interaction when the inverter starts inverting. I can't recall if it happened when I had the original Xantrex or only after I updated to the Magnum PSW Inverter.

I have replaced the motors (quite a job) on the two bedroom window awnings, and I have not seen it happen with them. I recently saw it on the drivers side lounge window awning which is still the original motor.


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Hi Paul,  It happened after I had the power off, e.g. unplugged and both battery switches turned off.  After I turned power on I noticed that driver side front window awning going out... some minuted later it wen in by itself.   Could it be a "feature" of the  inverter software of that era?


  Rick P,  05 Sig

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