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Manual Slide Locks

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My 2000 Navigator manual says I should have manual slide locks on the hydraulically actuated salon slide. Unfortunately, the PO must have thrown them away at some point. I am not sure how long he may have run without them. Any issues running without?


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1 hour ago, timaz996 said:

I don't have any either and haven't had any problem with the slide moving in 6 years.

They were saving them up to fill up my under bed storage area 🙄!

I have 4 identical in there, only the DS front slide has the hole in the wall that these locks need to fit into, and they are too long fully compressed to fit in my narrow PS slides!

I've never used them!

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We've run with and without... currently using them every trip on the two hydraulic slides.  Seems like a better safe than sorry option.  Lots of those in camping.  Turning off the 39 gallon propane tank valve for example?  Locking the entry door while traveling?  Moving around the MH while underway?  Personal risk decisions...

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Simple cheap slide BLOCKS.

With the slide Closed,

Measure from inside of the slide top flange, to the inside of the coach wall it seals too.

Cut 2x10 blocks that length and simply lay up on top of the slide. Use a reminder of them of your choice.

I stored them in a couch storage drawer.

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