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Hydraulic, Ride, Tag lights flashing

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We removed and resealed all three stabilizers. After installing them back on the coach the Hydraulic, Ride, and Tag lights are all flashing. Additionally there is an intermittent beep. I have checked the manual and can't find any information that would cause this. 

Anyone have any ideas.

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I may way off base but on my coach with hydraulic jacks I get a similar issue if the reservoir is not completely full.

Make sure all the jacks are retracted and check the oil level. When in doubt, you may want to add some and see if it solves the problem.

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So my beeper was going off on my jacks which uses the fluid level, looking at the level it was full to the top, i noticed a small sticker that said your sensor has to be straight up an down, mine was more 45 degree, i corrected it an so far its been ok, i will know more after this upcoming trip, a little over 4k miles

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