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Pocket Door Lock Rod replacement

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Anyone change out a broken lock rod on a pocket door? 

Removing the screws for the handle assembly don’t allow access to where the rod threads into the handle.  

Appears that there’s a finish trim piece on the outside edge of the door that need a to be removed to access the hardware to replace the locking rod.   Don’t really want to remove that trim piece, would be a lot of finish work to make look good again.  






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X2 on the trim piece, chances are you'd break it or scar it up so bad it wouldn't look good.

Only suggestion I would have it completely remove the door and see if it comes out the top.  Each of the trolleys have a release lever that should let the door drop.  It will be easy to get out but a pain to get back in, aligned/lifted and lever/lock reengaged. 


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EDIT…Jim is in the same track as I am.  Pull the door…read the link……  end of EDIT.


Could be wrong, but here is the best write up I’ve seen.  I may have misread your post, but taking apart the door seems a bit over the top.  BUT, if that needs to be done, then gently pry up. You will need a small (pin) finish nailer.  The pneumatic finish nailer come in two sizes.  On for Crown molding and the smaller for trim pieces.  Fix whatever….then put the trim back on.  Some folks try, mightily, to keep the small nails or pins straight and realign in their original holes.  RV techs just drive in new ones.

That what I understand….and I did go through a complete disassembly of my bedroom wardrobe and TV and such….

Maybe the IRV2 helps….but l’m having trouble thinking that Monaco got a pocket door kit and had to attach the strip that I think, from your description and pictures, you don’t want to remove.

Keep us updated….

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