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AHE 100-03S vs AHE 100-04s differences

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I'm happy with the 100-03S in my coach.  Good heat retention with the volume of antifreeze it holds - rarely turn on the diesel side.  It has a single electric heating element.  I prefer the 03S over a 400 or 450.  When on the road overnighting without hookups I still have a good shower in the morning without turning on the diesel burner (unless of course IF I use it for overnight bedroom heat then the burner is turned on when no electricity).  Been in Low teens and diesel plus elec kept us comfortable.

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I have the Aqua-Hot 100-04 in our Dynasty. Our previous 02 Windsor has the Aqua-Hot model 431/12 which is identical to the 100-01 or 02.

The Aqua-Hot in the Windsor was one of my nemesis besides the generator hydraulic slide-out system. Other than having to replace the original Aqua-Hot 100-01 after 4 years of service which was a big disappointment plus expense I was constantly having service repairs especially having to replace the control box, etc. frequently.

The Aqua-Hot 100-04 in the Dynasty has been working flawlessly since our purchase in Feb 2022. However I do carry an extra version 4 control box just in case.

Big differences on how the 100-01 & 02 are controlled versus the 100-03 & 04. That was a learning experience this past summer after I looked into it more and understood the thermostats that control the diesel and the electric assist.

Bottom-line, love the 100-04 versus the earlier versions. Don't like any of the 400 series AH's due to their coolant capacity, 5 gallons versus 16 gallons and how they are controlled.

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Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, we received more pictures of the coach yesterday and unfortunately the pictures revealed some issues that my friend was not willing to except. 



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