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Bad Instrument Cluster Ground? Need Help. 2007 Neptune

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Have a 2007 HR neptuneXL..the instrument cluster has become temperamental

in the last year..have thrown money at it (inst. panel pulled grd and connection

checked and dielectic (sp?) grease use..ok for a while..took for monthly spin

yesterday with all instr. inop..after about 10 min they came back up and worked 

for the remainder of trip..feels like a bad ground . issue to me but looking for suggestions

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I had a similar problem about six weeks ago, no dash at all not even intermittent. 
It was not a grounding problem. 
 It was no ignition feed to field on voltage regulator, installed  new independent field circuit with protection. Good luck, hope this helps. 

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1 hour ago, charle1s said:

still looking for a solution

Might help folks for you go over what you did or the specific steps you took when you “looked”…point by point or s summary often helps.

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